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In a quest to spread the gospel of Brands Mean a Lot, I'm asking you to help promote my newsletter. For each new subscriber between now and November 10th, I'll be donating $5 to charity.

The What: I’m writing to enlist your help in sharing Brands Mean a Lot. Do you have between 1 and 500,000 people in your lives that you think would enjoy my newsletter? Share it with them. The more you share, the more I donate.

The Ask: Share this link (email! social media! both!) with anyone you think would be interested in my content and tell them to subscribe: https://brandsmeanalot.substack.com/subscribe

The Reward: For every new subscriber I get between now and November 10th, I’ll be donating $5 to The Doe Fund, up to $2,000. With matching, that comes out to $4,000 total.

The Why: The Doe Fund's mission is to break the cycles of homelessness, incarceration, and recidivism by providing holistic services, housing, and work opportunities in and around New York City. It’s an organization that I volunteer with and is near and dear to my heart. It’s mission is also spiritually aligned with this newsletter’s - to raise awareness of arbitrary forms of spiritual damage.

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Thank you!


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