FOR RELEASE: Sprite drops sick new “Sack Thirst, Tackle Democracy” campaign with J.J. Watt.

Coinciding with football season, Sprite is teaming up with J.J. Watt to offer you a dope opportunity...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Atlanta, GA., Aug. 17, 2020/ PRNewswire/ -- Each election cycle, it gets harder and harder to vote - a total bummer! Sprite sees you though! Starting today, Sprite wants to give everyone the opportunity to fill the void in their stomachs and the voting void left by federal, state, and local governments.

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Sprite’s new campaign, titled “Sack Thirst, Tackle Democracy”, brings purchase-driven participation in the upcoming 2020 election via the world’s premier lemon-lime beverage brand and the United States government. American football hero and broad-shouldered shepherd of democracy J.J. Watt is thrilled to act as primary spokesperson. 

Says Watt: “The way that the lemon flavor and the lime flavor work together to satisfy your taste buds? I think Republicans and Democrats can do the same to satisfy America’s needs. What’s more, I love the way the lemon-lime bubbles bounce on my big bulky tongue when I gulp down a tasty Sprite. I’ve voted before - it would be cool if others joined in on the fun. I can’t wait to see who gets elected.”

(Watt: “I’ve had a Sprite.”)

The campaign invites fans of carbonated crisp citrus flavor and participatory democracy to seize a once-in-an-election-cycle opportunity to quench their thirst while casting a vote for candidates at all levels of government:

Fans can help decide the future of the country they hold dear and influence the electoral outcomes of the candidates they love by collecting bottle caps from any registered Sprite product (includes Sprite, Sprite Ginger, Spring Ginger Zero Sugar, Sprite Zero Sugar, Sprite Cherry, Sprite Cherry Zero Sugar, Sprite Lymonade, and Sprite Tropical Mix). Every five bottle caps collected equals one vote cast for the candidate of your choice. Collect 60 caps and you can vote down the entire ballot in the state and municipality of your choosing. Special instant-winning caps enter you into a raffle to fly to Washington, D.C. alongside J.J. Watt to tackle Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

The limited-time-only democratic participation event begins August 30th and ends November 1st, 2020 two days before election day. Fans can participate via mailing their caps in, or via SpriteApp™.

To have your caps counted by mail, include in an envelope: your full name, street address, (no P.O. Boxes), day/evening/cellular phone number (if any), email address (be sure to use the one connected to your SpriteApp™ account), social security number, date of birth on a 3" x 5" piece of paper, along with a 4.5” x 6” piece of paper listing each candidate (Last Name, First Name) for whom you are voting. Envelopes that do not contain the correct number of bottle caps corresponding to the number of votes cast, have spelling errors, or errant marks will not be counted. Any caps in excess of the number of votes cast will be pooled and counted with the corresponding number of votes going to candidates of Sprite’s choosing. Envelopes must be postmarked with AirSprite™ postage and dropped in a licensed AirSpriteFlight™ drop box. AirSprite™ stamps can be purchased at any participating DollarTree, RiteAid, or MoneyGram. Envelopes must be post-marked by October 15th to be counted.

App-based voting is even easier: all you have to do is use SpriteApp™, which is free and can be downloaded to your phone from Google Play or the App Store. Scan the unique QR code located on the bottom of each cap, make sure we know it’s you by using the in-app EyeSpyLemonLime™ retinal scanner, and then input your birthday, social security number, email address, and preferred candidates. Spelling errors will result in a nullified vote. 

“Sacking the quarterback is the result of time spent working on and off the field - it’s the sweet reward for all the blood and sweat you dedicate to your craft. Collecting Sprite caps takes work, but there’s no sweeter reward than natural lemon-lime taste and being able to cast votes for your favorite candidates. That’s why we love the energy J.J. brings to the campaign,” said Garrett McEnerny, VP Marketing and Innovation, Sprite brands. “We introduced voting via bottle cap for The Voice® in 2016 with Octomom and it’s been a huge success since. We want to take that momentum to the next level and bring people the vote.” 

Following the election, and concluding the campaign, Sprite will host an election results round-table on Facebook Live November 4th at 8pm ET. The 3 person discussion, moderated by the crew of Queer Eye, will have insights and punditry from Kevin Hart, Ronaldo, and Celine Dion. Health care, fracking, moon people, abortion - nothing will be off limits when the Queer Eye gang asks the questions.

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